Wedding Photography

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

You want those gorgeous preparation photos you’ve saved on Pinterest. The ones with all the bridesmaids drinking mimosa’s and laughing while wearing matching robes. Gorgeous preparation photos, just like everything else on your wedding day,  start with a little bit of planning.

In a nutshell, plan to have all of your bridesmaid hair and makeup done before yours, keep the prep area completely separate if possible, uncluttered at minimum. Do your best to choose a location near some natural lighting for your makeup and hair.

Schedule time after your hair and makeup is complete to ensure photos of the bridal party having fun can happen.

For a detailed guide on how to get gorgeous wedding preparation photos, check out our resources vault.

The Ceremony is what we’re all here for, but it’s over in a flash. Life changing moments happen in a blink.

Have your coordinator remind everyone as they start walking not to jog…walk slowly, take a deep breath, smile and have fun on the walk down the aisle.

Consider having a 2nd shooter. Both of my larger 2 wedding packages include a 2nd shooter, ensuring you’ll get some photos from the rear as you’re walking down the aisle and I’ll be there capturing the emotion on your faces.

These are the photos for the mom’s. You can of course, choose whatever groupings you’d like. For some pointers, this is generally how it goes.

We start out with the largest group of family, whether the bride or groom’s, and then start excusing them to the reception area as we move along. We work our way through the extended family, immediate family down to the bridal party.

I consider myself more of a director than a poser, I help with body alignment and neck angles, etc, ensuring no one’s face is covered by a bouquet. However, we want the fun personalities of your group to show through. I give verbal cues and capture the responses. “Bring out your inner super hero, show me your best impersonation of a bridesmaid, show me your sass”.

After everyone is excused and it’s just us, I’ll back off a little and capture you enjoying some intimate emotions with your new spouse.

The wedding day is hectic, this is one of my favorite times. Couples are often focused on being good hosts to all of the loved ones that have come to celebrate. This time allows you to take a moment to look into each others eyes and just focus on each other while I’m capturing some photos.

Depending on the photography package you chose should help determine your timeline for the reception. If you are having a cake cutting, bouquet toss, first dance, etc, you’ll want to ensure I’m able to capture those.

Also, if it’s later in the day and you have families with children coming, consider having your “big” moments completed within a few hours. Then the dance party can really get rocking and rolling. If anyone has to slip out, they won’t feel like they’re missing out.

Ensure the DJ, coordinator and I all have a good timeline for the reception to ensure all of your important moments are captured. If you’re having a sendoff, such as bubbles or sparklers, we’ll make sure and get those moments captured to finalize your day.