Fort Worth Wedding Photography

Wedding day photography is unlike any other kind of photography. The photographer must be able to adjust their settings on a moment’s notice for a variety of lighting conditions. Knowing how to use their equipment to fully capture your entire event and all of the intimate details is essential.

For example, there are only fleeting moments to capture the bride emerging from the shadows to walk down the aisle. Then flipping to grab photos of the sunny back-lit groom with tears at first sight of his bride. Without a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to capture those images, once in a lifetime moments are missed trying to adjust lighting controls.

I will arrive early to check my lighting and ensure generous time to find the perfect location to capture your dress and bridal details. You’ve spent months planning this day down to the last detail, let’s make sure we have all those captured. Whether you want to display your photos in an album or a wall display, I’ll ensure you have images that showcase the details.

Afterwards we’ll start capturing the process of you getting ready. There is a reason so many cultures have created such tradition around the getting ready process. Preparing to walk down the aisle and begin a new family is momentous. You will be surrounded by the women in your life who mean the most to you. There will be hours of preparation and laughter, makeup, hairspray, jewelry, stories, and tears.

As a bonus, capturing your bridal preparation photos, ensures you’ll relax in front of the camera before you walk down the aisle.

The groom will be undergoing his own process of getting ready, surrounded by the important men in his life. They’ll be relaxing and telling jokes, until the last possible minute, before they jump into their formal wear in under 10 minutes. I’ll capture that too.

The camaraderie between women and between men is so fundamentally different, but equally important.

Many ceremony venues have restrictions on where the photographer can shoot from, what kind of tripod they can use. With notoriously bad lighting and busy backdrops, the ability to creatively and quickly capture images is essential. You’ll never get this moment back, your father’s kiss on the cheek as he hands you over, your groom accidentally dropping the ring, all of this happens only once. I’ll ensure you have those images to treasure.

Regardless of whether you choose to have a first look or not, the nuances of posing are essential to ensuring that your formal photos don’t look like snapshots.

Did you know that men naturally let their hands hang at their sides planting their weight on both feet? It is natural, but looks awkward in a photo. Having men shift to one leg and put a hand in a pocket or suspenders ensures a more relaxed and natural looking photo.

Did you know that your chin should point down and your neck should follow the natural curve of your spine to ensure you look natural and romantic? It’s ok if you didn’t because I do. Understanding the human body and how to pose it is essential to capturing beautiful romantic and fun poses quickly.

Most wedding timelines allow for 1 hour of formal photos. Being able to direct and pose quickly ensures that you won’t miss any important photos and be able to get back to your wedding reception in a timely fashion without keeping your guests waiting.

With larger groups, posing cues need to be easily understood and joyful. Working with a teenage niece who feels awkward or an aunt who doesn’t want to be rushed means being able to joyfully and firmly direct your group without offending.

While the main focus of the day is the ceremony, the celebration has taken months of planning. You’ve developed a theme, spent countless hours on Pinterest and tasted endless cake. I’ll capture all of that. (I’m something of a wedding cake eating expert now. If you need a 2nd taste tester to go with you I’m so down! wink wink)

Afterwards we’ll capture the mad sprint from the bridesmaid’s for the bouquet and the giggles from the garter toss. Let’s stage a sparkler sendoff that ensures you get to play with your own sparklers. We’ll capture it all before you head off to your honeymoon.


Want to find out what your wedding day timeline could look like? Let’s chat.