Sunny Afternoon Grapevine Engagement Session at Grapevine Botanical Gardens

What a great afternoon for some fun engagement photography at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens! Josh and Amber, newly engaged, were adorable and up for anything. After dating for several years, Josh decided to make an epic foodie road trip ending up back here in DFW with a surprise party and a proposal. They ate their way through Austin, down to Galveston, stopping at some of the restaurants they’ve been wanting to try along the way. They said the food was incredible, and for Josh, a transplant from Hawaii, it was great to explore his new home state with his love. When they got back they had a surprise party waiting where he popped the question.

Josh and Amber asked for a couple different styles to be showcased in their engagement session, so we started out at Grapevine Botanical Gardens. This is one of my favorite places to shoot engagement sessions for several reasons, not the least of which is it’s free 🙂 More importantly, it offers a great centralized location, and is pretty much the same distance for almost anyone in the metroplex to meet there, it’s never crowded, the flowers are lovely and even though it’s a relatively large space, offers quite a bit of diversity in backdrops. The gazebo and the bridge are 2 of my favorite locations and there is also a cute fenced in tree area in the back that we utilize to get some Texas into our shoot.

To add a little local culture to the photos, we took a short 5 min drive to downtown Grapevine to the Grapevine Vintage Railroads. These rail cars still run on a daily basis with seasonal offerings and special trips. You can connect down to the Stockyards in Fort Worth for an afternoon of shopping. This afternoon though we were able to catch them when they were not in use and use them for a great backdrop adding some great character to the photos.

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