How to Get Gorgeous Photos from Your Engagement Session

Your Engagement Session Should Be…

  1. Fun!

    It’s a chance for you and your love to have formal photos together to commemorate your engagement period. This is a fun, spontaneous and new time in your life, celebrate it! Tell that story through your engagement session. Yes, your wedding photos tell your story, but the engagement session is meant to tell the more fun and spontaneous side to your romance.

Engagement Session at Grapevine Botanical Gardens. The bride was gorgeous in her stunning deep blue dress and they couple obviously adored each other as they laughed and giggled there way through the session. See more of this session and other engagement ideas at
Laughing until you snort
  1.  A chance to get comfortable in front of a camera.

    You spend your wedding day with a camera, if not 2 or 3, following you around all day getting SUPER up close and personal. Generally you’re doing this on a time crunch as the wedding day has a pretty strict timeline you need to follow. Knowing ahead of time the ques that your photographer is giving, and how to respond to them ensures you’ll have time to catch more of those stunning images you’re looking for.

Charming sunny afternoon engagement photography at Grapevine Botanical Gardens. Get more inspiration at
Grapevine Botanical Gardens
  1. A chance to get comfortable with your photographer.

    Your wedding photographer spends more time with you on your wedding day than anyone else. Generally they arrive with hair and makeup and stay to see the send off. Without being able to get comfortable with them, you have a stranger sharing your intimate space on the most important day of your life. Having your engagement session ahead of time, helps you start building that rapport that ensures you’ll look forward to them being a part of your wedding day.

Sunny afternoon Photo Shoot at Fort Worth Water Gardens. Get more inspiration at
Fort Worth Water Gardens
  1. An opportunity to save money.

    A great way to save money on invitations, save the dates, engagement announcements, thank you cards, etc is with a photo of the 2 of you. Talk with your photographer ahead of time. A professional photographer should have some design experience and be able to help plan the shot out. Depending on your needs, you can take a photo with a banner, sign, or some other prop that says thank you. Or, you can include a sign showing your date for your save the dates. Photographers can also help you work with negative (or open) space in the image to allow for a typing overlay.

Save money by using an engagement session photo for your save the date or thank you cards. Get more inspiration at
Save the date card layout.


  1. A chance to change your mind on your photographer.

    When you have a friend of a friend who “does photography” you often think this is a great way to save money. Engagement and wedding photography are substantially different than casual family and street photography. A solid knowledge of lighting, posing, camera settings, and more is needed. After the wedding is over, the only thing you have left is your photography. I never heard of anyone crying over having lost their copy of their menu from their wedding. Ensure that the engagement photos heighten your excitement for your wedding photos, not leave you feeling uneasy and hopeful. You don’t get a redo or a chance to capture those moments again.

Stunningly Gorgeous afternoon engagement session at Grapevine Botanical Gardens. For more inspiration visit
Grapevine Botanical Gardens

Overall, ensure that your engagement photos leave you feeling more excited and more confident for your wedding day. Just like everything else in life, your engagement can be as joyful or as stressful as you allow it to be. Ensure that it’s a positive part of your engagement and wedding memories.

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