Beautiful Backyard Wedding Photos in Hurst, Texas

I am always delighted to be a part of an intimate spring wedding here in North Texas. Not only do I get to walk away feeling like I’ve gotten to know the bride and groom and family on a whole different level then a larger venue allows, the spring weather is an absolute delight to shoot in. We were all so excited for this couple’s wedding ceremony that was to be held at their favorite campground here locally, but as is often the case in Texas, the weather determined that we needed to make different plans. With some very good friends of theirs relocating, their lovely home with gorgeous green space off the sweeping deck provided a calm and open back drop for the wedding to move to. With some quick juggling and rethinking, some tables were rented and the living room, dining room became the reception hall, the yard became the ceremony site, the patio housed the buffet and the photo booth was in the garden. We all know that marriage requires constant adjustment and flexibility, and this couple showcased their ability to work together to meet a pretty big challenge…needing a new venue 4 days before the wedding…to have a joyful and delightful day.

I’ve had the chance to work with Sara several times and she is quick, fun and absolutely brilliant with a makeup brush and curling iron.
Bridal Hair and Makeup in Hurst, TX

While the bride was getting ready, the friends and family began arriving…we apologized to the neighbors for the parking challenges and invited them over to join the celebration.

The supportive friends arriving with gifts

Friends and Family2

The backyard and house were decked out with gorgeous floral arrangements in the couple’s shades of grey and lavender. Floral decor provided by Designs by the talented David Kimmel.

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The ceremony was filled with laughter as the minister expressed what a great fit they are for each other and the joy flowed from those there to celebrate with them.

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