About Kimberli

Fort Worth Freelance Writer

Hi, I’m Kimberli,  a Fort Worth based coffee, travel and parenting writer that makes an uncomplicated, delightful, copy writing experience. (Most of the time. Sometimes I just make bad jokes.)

Are you a business or entrepreneur struggling to meet your content needs? Would you love to meet for coffee, but think it would be more fun to meet for a beer and tacos to discuss your wedding?

About Kimberli

Originally a Seattle native, I settled in the DFW area with my family and my favorite yellow lab.

Fun and Creative Writer

Yep, that’s me, at my wedding in Scotland. I begged and begged to get my own photo on the site. Just like you will, I loved my travel based wedding.  I’ve been taking pictures for about 213 years all over the world and secretly have dreams of retiring to Ireland to play the accordion when I’m 72.

The process to create great copy for you is simple but powerful. You need a writer that truly cares about people and their relationships.  You want someone to capture relationships not a checklist. Hiring someone who is somewhat of a beer and coffee snob doesn’t hurt either.

Much of the reason I am passionate about inspiring others to travel is because I have my own incredible travel stories. Understanding how much those memories are worth, ensures I value those memories for the companies that I work with. My solo travels have turned into family adventures. Now I help inspire other families to get out their door and explore.

Also…I promise to smell nice and wear a lot of deodorant (Texas summer is no joke) and not get Hangry during the consultations.

Let’s meet for coffee or a beer (and surely there is bbq?) I’ll follow up within 24 hours to confirm where you would like to meet, virtually or in person.